Easter 2016- What Do you Say To That

Easter 2016: Such A Peter

Before His death, the very last miracle that Jesus performed was healing the servant’s ear after Peter sliced him. This was Jesus’ last PAY ATTENTION lesson before He died.

Comparing the different accounts in the different gospels, we get an interesting picture of the events that transpired.

So the disciples fall asleep. Jesus admonishes them and says they should be praying SO THEY ARE NOT TEMPTED. A few minutes later, it all goes down. What happens? Peter is tempted. He harms this man.

In harming the man, he didn’t just react with violence to protect Jesus. It was more than that. He gets in the way of his own salvation. Jesus tells him that He doesn’t need Peter’s protection. He can call down angels and squash this if He wants to. But it must happen. If it doesn’t happen, if Peter DID somehow stop it from happening, the entire world would still be condemned. God has a plan and lashing out doesn’t accomplish anything but gumming up the works.

Jesus simply answers the guard’s questions about who He is and they fall to their knees. The truth of that statement was more effective than Peter’s sword.

When we perceive Jesus as being ‘attacked’ do we fall into temptation by rushing to His defense? In doing so, aren’t we just getting in the way? We are making it harder for the attackers to HEAR…. and faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

“Defend the Bible? I would as soon defend a┬álion! Unchain it and it will defend itself.” -C H Spurgeon

When we’re in the good times…the peaceful times… we need to be praying and stay vigilant so when the bad times come we are not tempted. When we are attacked or face accusers, we are not tempted. God is fully capable of defending Himself. Our role is to unchain the Word- speak it, share it, in love.

Easier said than done.Easter 2016: Such A Peter

When someone says something against my God, my jimmies are full on rustled and I feel like I HAVE TO say something.

But I think I feel that way because I don’t pray in the peaceful times for strength to resist that temptation…as if I have completely forgotten those confrontations are inevitable.

God can do His own dirty work. He hasn’t called me to argue with people, He’s called me to love them and uphold the truth. It should never surprise me that the world hates Him, and yet it does.

I’m such a Peter sometimes, you guys.

Now, Peter does see a great transformation throughout his life and serves the Lord well. I’m so glad we have his example in the Bible because I think a lot of people can probably relate to him. I know I certainly can. He was so very human.